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PySimpleGUI 4 will be sunsetted in Q2 2024.

PySimpleSoft expects PySimpleGUI 4 users to upgrade promply to PySimpleGUI 5. Supporting your success with PySimpleGUI is an important goal of PySimpleSoft, and your application's transition to PySimpleGUI 5 is an essential step.

If you use PySimpleGUI 4, don't worry! PySimpleGUI 5 is backward compatible with PySimpleGUI 4. Upgrade to PySimpleGUI 5, and your applications will continue to perform as expected.

With no other changes, your applications will benefit in many ways:

  • Hundreds of performance improvements and bug fixes (see the Release Notes),
  • Improved robustness: crash prevention and/or recovery,
  • Ongoing product support via GitHub Issues,
  • Broader target platform support (particularly MacOS 14),
  • Tamper detection, to help prevent malware attacks,
  • Future proofing, so that your application will continue to run on future updates of Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

With minor enhancements, your application will benefit in many ways:

  • Persistence. For example,
  • Application windows will open where they were last placed,
  • Elements can remember values between runs,
  • New APIs provide additional functionality:
  • Timer APIs

PySimpleGUI 4 will be sunsetted in Q2 2024, giving all developers time to make the transition. If you encounter any issues, refer to our GitHub Issues page at Issues.PySimpleGUI.com.