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Fills a window with values provided in a values dictionary { element_key : new_value }


Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
values_dict (Dict[Any, Any]) A dictionary with element keys as key and value is values parm for Update call
window Window The window object to fill
RETURN None None


Reads all windows that are "active" when the call is made. "Active" means that it's been finalized or read. If a window has not been finalized then it will not be considered an "active window"

If any of the active windows returns a value then the window and its event and values are returned.

If no windows are open, then the value (None, WIN_CLOSED, None) will be returned Since WIN_CLOSED is None, it means (None, None, None) is what's returned when no windows remain opened

    timeout = None,
    timeout_key = "__TIMEOUT__"

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
timeout int None Time in milliseconds to delay before a returning a timeout event
timeout_key Any TIMEOUT Key to return when a timeout happens. Defaults to the standard TIMEOUT_KEY
RETURN (Window, Any, Dict or List) A tuple with the (Window, event, values dictionary/list)