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Popup get date

Display a calendar window, get the user's choice, return as a tuple (mon, day, year)

    start_mon = None,
    start_day = None,
    start_year = None,
    begin_at_sunday_plus = 0,
    no_titlebar = True,
    title = "Choose Date",
    keep_on_top = True,
    location = (None, None),
    relative_location = (None, None),
    close_when_chosen = False,
    icon = None,
    locale = None,
    month_names = None,
    day_abbreviations = None,
    day_font = "TkFixedFont 9",
    mon_year_font = "TkFixedFont 10",
    arrow_font = "TkFixedFont 7",
    modal = True

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
arrow_font str or tuple TkFixedFont 7 Font and size to use for the arrow buttons
begin_at_sunday_plus int 0 Determines the left-most day in the display. 0=sunday, 1=monday, etc
close_when_chosen bool False If True, the window will close and function return when a day is clicked
day_abbreviations List[str] None optional list of abbreviations to display as the day of week
day_font str or tuple TkFixedFont 9 Font and size to use for the calendar
icon (str or bytes) None Same as Window icon parameter. Can be either a filename or Base64 value. For Windows if filename, it MUST be ICO format. For Linux, must NOT be ICO
keep_on_top bool True If True the window will remain above all current windows
locale str None locale used to get the day names
location (int, int) (None, None) (x,y) location on the screen to place the top left corner of your window. Default is to center on screen
modal bool True If True then makes the popup will behave like a Modal window... all other windows are non-operational until this one is closed. Default = True
mon_year_font str or tuple TkFixedFont 10 Font and size to use for the month and year at the top
month_names List[str] None optional list of month names to use (should be 12 items)
no_titlebar bool True If True no titlebar will be shown
relative_location (int, int) (None, None) (x,y) location relative to the default location of the window, in pixels. Normally the window centers. This location is relative to the location the window would be created. Note they can be negative.
start_day int or None None The starting day - optional. Set to None or 0 if no date to be chosen at start
start_mon int None The starting month
start_year int None The starting year
title str Choose Date Title that will be shown on the window
RETURN None or (int, int, int) Tuple containing (month, day, year) of chosen date or None if was cancelled