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Popup notify

Displays a "notification window", usually in the bottom right corner of your display. Has an icon, a title, and a message. It is more like a "toaster" window than the normal popups.

The window will slowly fade in and out if desired. Clicking on the window will cause it to move through the end the current "phase". For example, if the window was fading in and it was clicked, then it would immediately stop fading in and instead be fully visible. It's a way for the user to quickly dismiss the window.

The return code specifies why the call is returning (e.g. did the user click the message to dismiss it)

    args = *<1 or N objects>,
    title = "",
    icon = ...,
    display_duration_in_ms = 3000,
    fade_in_duration = 1000,
    alpha = 0.9,
    location = None

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
alpha float 0.9 Alpha channel. 0 - invisible 1 - fully visible
display_duration_in_ms int 3000 Number of milliseconds to show the window
fade_in_duration int 1000 Number of milliseconds to fade window in and out
icon bytes or str b'iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAACAAAAAgCAMAAABEpIrGAAAAA3NCSVQICAjb4U/gAAAACXBIWXMAAAEKAAABCgEWpLzLAAAAGXRFWHRTb2Z0d2FyZQB3d3cuaW5rc2NhcGUub3Jnm+48GgAAAHJQTFRF////ZsxmbbZJYL9gZrtVar9VZsJcbMRYaMZVasFYaL9XbMFbasRZaMFZacRXa8NYasFaasJaasFZasJaasNZasNYasJYasJZasJZasJZasJZasJZasJYasJZasJZasJZasJZasJaasJZasJZasJZasJZ2IAizQAAACV0Uk5TAAUHCA8YGRobHSwtPEJJUVtghJeYrbDByNjZ2tvj6vLz9fb3/CyrN0oAAADnSURBVDjLjZPbWoUgFIQnbNPBIgNKiwwo5v1fsQvMvUXI5oqPf4DFOgCrhLKjC8GNVgnsJY3nKm9kgTsduVHU3SU/TdxpOp15P7OiuV/PVzk5L3d0ExuachyaTWkAkLFtiBKAqZHPh/yuAYSv8R7XE0l6AVXnwBNJUsE2+GMOzWL8k3OEW7a/q5wOIS9e7t5qnGExvF5Bvlc4w/LEM4Abt+d0S5BpAHD7seMcf7+ZHfclp10TlYZc2y2nOqc6OwruxUWx0rDjNJtyp6HkUW4bJn0VWdf/a7nDpj1u++PBOR694+Ftj/8PKNdnDLn/V8YAAAAASUVORK5CYII=' A base64 encoded PNG/GIF image or PNG/GIF filename that will be displayed in the window
location (int, int) None Location on the screen to display the window
message str Text message that makes up the majority of the window
title str Text to be shown at the top of the window in a larger font
RETURN int reason for returning