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Class that user fills in to represent their tree data. It's a very simple tree representation with a root "Node" with possibly one or more children "Nodes". Each Node contains a key, text to display, list of values to display and an icon. The entire tree is built using a single method, Insert. Nothing else is required to make the tree.


Class Properties

This class has no public properties

Class Methods

 def insert


Inserts a node into the tree. This is how user builds their tree, by Inserting Nodes This is the ONLY user callable method in the TreeData class

    icon = None

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
icon str or bytes None icon
key str or int or tuple or object Used to uniquely identify this node
parent Node the parent Node
text str The text that is displayed at this node's location
values List[Any] The list of values that are displayed at this node