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The Main PySimpleGUI Program

Test Harness, Global Settings, Debug Information, Upgrade from GitHub

A convention that PySimpleGUI uses is that standalone entry points start with "main_". These calls are essentially a mini-program within the PySimpleGUI.py file.

Used to get SDK help, test the installation, get information about the versions, upgrade from GitHub.

You can call main() from your code and then access these other features such as the global settings. You can also directly call these functions.

You can also type psgmain from the command line to access it if you have pip installed your copy of PySimpleGUI.


The PySimpleGUI "Home"



Collect up and display the data needed to file GitHub issues. This function will place the information on the clipboard. You MUST paste the information from the clipboard prior to existing your application (except on Windows).

    suppress_popup = False

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
suppress_popup bool False If True no popup window will be shown. The string will be only returned, not displayed


Window to set settings that will be used across all PySimpleGUI programs that choose to use them. Use set_options to set the path to the folder for all PySimpleGUI settings.


Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
RETURN bool True if settings were changed


Display a window that will display the docstrings for each PySimpleGUI Element and the Window object



This method is an alias for main_sdk_help


This method is an alias for main


Returns a human-readable string of version numbers for:

Python version Platform (Win, Mac, Linux) Platform version (tuple with information from the platform module) PySimpleGUI Port (PySimpleGUI in this case) tkinter version PySimpleGUI version The location of the PySimpleGUI.py file

The format is a newline between each value and descriptive text for each line