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Custom Titlebar

Titlebar documentation


A custom titlebar that replaces the OS provided titlebar, thus giving you control the is not possible using the OS provided titlebar such as the color.

NOTE LINUX USERS - at the moment the minimize function is not yet working. Windows users should have no problem and it should function as a normal window would.

This titlebar is created from a row of elements that is then encapsulated into a one Column element which is what this Titlebar function returns to you.

A custom titlebar removes the margins from your window. If you want the remainder of your Window to have margins, place the layout after the Titlebar into a Column and set the pad of that Column to the dimensions you would like your margins to have.

The Titlebar is a COLUMN element. You can thus call the update method for the column and perform operations such as making the column visible/invisible

    title = "",
    icon = None,
    text_color = None,
    background_color = None,
    font = None,
    key = None,
    k = None

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
background_color str or None None Background color for titlebar
font (str or (str, int[, str]) or None) None Font to be used for the text and the symbols
icon str or bytes or None None Can be either a filename or Base64 byte string of a PNG or GIF. This is used in an Image element to create the titlebar
k str or int or tuple or object or None None Exactly the same as key. Choose one of them to use
key str or int or tuple or object or None None Identifies an Element. Should be UNIQUE to this window.
text_color str or None None Text color for titlebar
title str The "title" to show in the titlebar
RETURN Column A single Column element that has eveything in 1 element