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Popup animated

Show animation one frame at a time. This function has its own internal clocking meaning you can call it at any frequency and the rate the frames of video is shown remains constant. Maybe your frames update every 30 ms but your event loop is running every 10 ms. You don't have to worry about delaying, just call it every time through the loop.

    message = None,
    background_color = None,
    text_color = None,
    font = None,
    no_titlebar = True,
    grab_anywhere = True,
    keep_on_top = True,
    location = (None, None),
    relative_location = (None, None),
    alpha_channel = None,
    time_between_frames = 0,
    transparent_color = None,
    title = "",
    icon = None,
    no_buffering = False

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
alpha_channel float None Window transparency 0 = invisible 1 = completely visible. Values between are see through
background_color str None color of background
font str or tuple None specifies the font family, size, etc. Tuple or Single string format 'name size styles'. Styles: italic * roman bold normal underline overstrike
grab_anywhere bool True If True then you can move the window just clicking anywhere on window, hold and drag
icon str or bytes None Same as Window icon parameter. Can be either a filename or Base64 byte string. For Windows if filename, it MUST be ICO format. For Linux, must NOT be ICO
image_source str or bytes or None Either a filename or a base64 string. Use None to close the window.
keep_on_top bool True If True then Window will remain on top of all other windows currently shownn
location (int, int) (None, None) (x,y) location on the screen to place the top left corner of your window. Default is to center on screen
message str None An optional message to be shown with the animation
no_buffering bool False If True then no buffering will be used for the GIF. May work better if you have a large animation
no_titlebar bool True If True then the titlebar and window frame will not be shown
relative_location (int, int) (None, None) (x,y) location relative to the default location of the window, in pixels. Normally the window centers. This location is relative to the location the window would be created. Note they can be negative.
text_color str None color of the text
time_between_frames int 0 Amount of time in milliseconds between each frame
title str Title that will be shown on the window
transparent_color str None This color will be completely see-through in your window. Can even click through
RETURN bool True if the window updated OK. False if the window was closed or if the GIF has reached the end