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Call Reference PySimpleGUIWx

The WxPython port of PySimpleGUI.


PySimpleGUIWx is installed via pip.

To install PySimpleGUIWx you will run:

python -m pip install PySimpleGUIWx

If you use the command python3 on your computer to invoke Python, then you'll run python3 instead of python:

python3 -m pip install PySimpleGUIWx


To use PySimpleGUIWx, you will use this import statement:

import PySimpleGUIWx as sg

WxPython Required

As with all ports other than tkinter, you'll need to pip install the underlying GUI framework. In this case, WxPython. If you pip installed PySimpleGUIWx then it should have attempted to also install WxPython at the same time.

Of the GUI frameworks that PySimpleGUI supports, WxPython was a little more difficult to get installed onto Linux systems. That may no longer be the case. It's something to be aware of with all of the ports. You may need to reference the GUI framework's documentation to get through install issues.

Unique Features

The PySimpleGUIWx and PySimpleGUIQt ports of PySimpleGUI have a built-in System Tray feature that the tkinter port does not have unless you install an additional package.

Least Completed Port

The PySimpleGUIWx is likely the least completed port. For example, the Image element is not available in PySimpleGUIWx but is in the other 3 ports.

The hope and plan is that all of the ports will be able to have more resources devoted to expanding the features once the PySimpleGUI project finally becomes sustainable. Funding, to date, has significantly hampered development.