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PySimpleGUI.org is the home of the PySimpleGUI Documentation. Documentation is critical for software development products like PySimpleGUI. You need to know details at a level that is far greater than if you were simply using a piece of software. Details matter in an SDK and the PySimpleGUI documentation is certainly detailed.

Written Documentation

Written documentation for PySimpleGUI are these documents

  • User's Manual - The main manual that describes the features in detail
  • SDK Call Reference - Shows every parameter for every object, method and function
  • Cookbook - A series of individual tutorials demonstrating a PySimpleGUI feature
  • eCookbook - An interactive Cookbook that enables you to run the code in your browser

Visual Documentation

In the PySimpleGUI documentation you will also find screenshots for each of the over 300 Demo Programs. There is also a page filled with images of applications that PySimpleGUI users have created. The user screenshots have much greater depth and polish than the Demo Programs as they are completed applications.


PySimpleGUI uses docstrings to document the objects, methods and functions. Docstrings integrate with IDEs so that you do not need to leave your development environment to find the parameters or the meaning of a parameter to a function call. In some IDEs, such as PyCharm, the docstrings also provide type-checking. You are warned when the data type that you are passing into a function does not match the expected type.

Python Help System

Python has a help system that can be accessed by typing help(object) from the REPL prompt. The parameter object can be any object or function. For example, to see the help information on the Button Element, you would enter help(sg.Button).

Call Reference GUI

The same docstrings that integrate with IDEs, Python's help system and are used to create the SDK Call Reference documentation can be viewed using a PySimpleGUI program that is built into the PySimpleGUI code itself.

This window can be viewed using several methods including:

  • Type psghelp from the command line
  • Click the "SDK Reference" button in the PySimpleGUI Home Window
  • Call main_sdk_help()

The SDK Call Reference window has a list of the Elements along the left side along the Window object. Help for all of the PySimpleGUI functions is accessible as well by clicking "Func Search".

You'll find a link to the online version of the same information at the bottom of the window. Click the link and your browser will open to the corresponding page in the PySimpleGUI documentation.