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Fourier animated graph

A Fourier Transform Graph


This compact and impressive Fourier Transform demo program was submitted by an innovative PySimpleGUI user named Jason Yang (https://github.com/jason990420). He's created a number of other amazing PySimpleGUI programs such as the solitaire and minesweeper games. Not only did he write this impressive demonstration, but he also figured out how to create line drawings in a highly efficient manner that resulted in a new Graph Element drawing primitve.

The underlying drawing primitive that makes it all possible is a new Graph Element method, draw_lines. If you want to run this code, you'll need to download the latesst version of PySimpleGUI from the PySimpleGUI GitHub (http://www.PySimpleGUI.com). The code will be released to PyPI soon as release 4.19.0. For nom you'll need to get it from GitHub as version

When run on a desktop PC, the update is much smoother.

You can run the Trinket "published" version for a cleaner look here: