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Demo Programs

The Demo Progams were the basis for many of the Trinkets you see on this page. There are over 300 of them to help give you a fast jump start on building your application, or they will teach you how to perform various operations.

If you want to learn how an element works, see example code, then check out the Demo Programs.

In 2022 a new PySimpleGUI application, psgdemos, was released to PyPI. All you need to do is:

python -m pip install psgdemos

(Use python3 if you're on Linux or Mac)

The command psgdemos will launch the Demo Browser, your gateway to Demo Program fun. The Demo Browser enables you to easily search, run, and edit the programs.

For example, if you want to learn more about using the Graph element, then use the Demo Browser to search for Demo Programs that use that element:


You can learn more about the Demo Browser and installing Demo Programs in the Cookbook, in the Recipe on Demo Browser

It's by far the easiest way to navigate the many examples available for you use.