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Fixed Size Columns

With element_justification

Generally speaking, PySimpleGUI likes it when you don't force sizes of things to be a specific number of pixels. Instead, it's suggested that you make things "float", to size themselves.

The Column element supports setting a specific size for the Column, however, the use of the paramter element_justification does not work on these fixed size Columns. Instead, another approach is needed.
Two options are (there may be more of course): 1. Use a Frame element 2. Instead of size parameter, use a Sizer element

The Frame Solution

The easiest approach is to use a Frame element instead of a Column. If using a Frame element, then setting a fixed size works with the element_justification parameter.

In order to get the vertical alignment the easiest solution is to use the VPush element above and below the layout. This will "push" from the top and the bottom with the result being that the layout is centered vertically.

The Column Solution

The way to get both a fixed size Column and have the interrior be able to be justified is to use a little-known "helper element" called Sizer. This element simply adds space in horizontal and veritcal directions. The implementation of it is that it's simply a Column with padding added.

To help you use these, this demo was created. It makes a "User Defined Element" (a function that looks like an element and can be used in layouts) that acts like a Column that enables you to have both a size and an element_justification parameter.