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Push and VPush Elements For Justification

The aliases Push and VPush are aliases for Stretch and VStretch. Stetch, VStretch, and Push was in the 4.48.0 release. VPush will be in the 4.49.0 release.

There are a couple of new Elements that help with layout justification (functions that act like elements to be precise).

Push will push elements in a row away from it. If you have a row with a Push element on the left, then it will push the elements to the right of it to the right. If you have one on each end of a row, then the result will be the elements between them will be centered.

VPush pushes rows of elements vertically in the same fashion that the Push does horizontally. Place a VPush on the first row and it will push the other rows to the very bottom of the container (e.g. window).

This example centers a couple of elements in the middle of the window by surrounding them by Push and VPush elements.