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The basic pysimplegui program

  • The basic PySimpleGUI 3 part program structure
  • Enlarging windows on Trinket
  • Running PySimpleGUI on the repl.it site

The basic PySimpleGUI program, in 3 parts.

Almost all PySimpleGUI programs have this architecture.

First you define the window. Then create the window. Finally you collect inputs and operate on 'events'

This is a good one to copy as a template

Enlarging windows on Trinket

Sometimes when you're running these Trinket examples, the window is so small that it's difficult to make out the text. To view the examples in much larger sizes, choose "Fullscreen" from the menu.


This will make your window go from this:


to this:


Running code on repl.it

In addition to being able to run PySimpleGUI code online here on Trinket, you can also run PySimpleGUI on repl.it. The advantage to running on repl.it is that you have the ability to pip install nearly anything. Trinket severly limits what you can install and in fact with each of these examples the entire PySimpleGUI source code is being included. On repl.it the PySimpleGUI package is installed automatically for you.

Trinket seems to block embedding iframes to other sites. This link will display the above program on repl.it.