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Udemy Course - "The Official PySimpleGUI Course"

Released on Christmas 2021, The Official PySimpleGUI Course is a 61 lesson course that covers PySimpleGUI in great detail. You'll learn the architecture, and be taught each element individually, in a way that enables you to skip around in the course.

Trinket is being used for the Exercises that accompany the lessons. March 2022 is the expected timeline for the addition of the exercises. They're still being worked on.


The PySimpleGUI documentation contains a coupon good for a discount on the course.

Supporting the PySimpleGUI Project

The Udemy course is by far the best way you financially support the PySimpleGUI project. Of course direct donations via GitHub Sponsorship, BuyMeACoffee, etc, are another easy and effective way of helping keep the project alive.

Example Exercise

You can check out one of the course's excises with this link. This exercise is for the lesson on the Image element.


Most of the Udemy Lessons now have exercises for you to complete after you've watched the lesson. Because Trinket is being used, you'll be able to write and execute PySimpleGUI code in your browser. I'm not aware of other GUI video courses that have exercises as part of the course that don't require you to have a local Python environment up and running.