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Radio call reference

Creates one radio button. Use multiple Radio elements together by assigning them the same group_id.

layout = [[sg.Radio('My first Radio!', group_id=1, default=True), sg.Radio('My second Radio!', group_id=1), sg.Radio('Disabled Radio!', group_id=1, disabled=True)]]


If events are enabled for the Radio element, then the element's key will be returned as an event when that radio button is clicked.

Values Dictionary

The values dictionary entry for a Radio element is a boolean True or False. The value will be True if it is currently selected.

Initial Setting

A Radio element will be False by default. If none of the other Radio elements have a default value of True then all of your Radio buttons in that group will have a value of False until the user selects one. After an initial selection, there will always be one of the Radio elements in the group with a value of True.

Resetting a Group

If you wish to set all of the Radio button elements in the group to False, like when the window was first created, then you can call the method reset_group which will set all Radio elements in the group to False