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Horizontal Separator Element draws a Horizontal line at the given location.

    pad = None,
    size = (None, None),
    size_px = (None, None)

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
pad (int, int or (int, int),(int,int) or int,(int,int)) or ((int, int),int) or int None Amount of padding to put around element in pixels (left/right, top/bottom) or ((left, right), (top, bottom)) or an int. If an int, then it's converted into a tuple (int, int)
size (int, int) or (None, None) (None, None) w=characters-wide, h=rows-high
size_px (int, int) or (None, None) (None, None) w=pixels-wide, h=pixels-high

Class Properties

This class has no public properties

Class Methods

 def update


Updates the element

    background_color = None,
    text_color = None,
    font = None,
    visible = None,
    disabled = None,
    tooltip = None

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
background_color None Widget background color
disabled bool None Is the element disabled
font None Text font
text_color None Text color
tooltip None Tooltip to be shown
visible bool None Is the element visible
widget The widget to be updated