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Progress Bar Element - Displays a colored bar that is shaded as progress of some operation is made

    orientation = None,
    size = (None, None),
    start_value = 0,
    auto_size_text = None,
    bar_color = (None, None),
    style = None,
    border_width = None,
    relief = None,
    key = None,
    pad = None,
    disabled = False,
    visible = True,
    size_px = (None, None)

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
auto_size_text bool None Not sure why this is here
bar_color (str, str) or str (None, None) The 2 colors that make up a progress bar. Either a tuple of 2 strings or a string. Tuple - (bar, background). A string with 1 color changes the background of the bar only. A string with 2 colors separated by "on" like "red on blue" specifies a red bar on a blue background.
border_width int None The amount of pixels that go around the outside of the bar
disabled bool False disable or enable state of the element
key str or int or tuple or object None Used with window.find_element and with return values to uniquely identify this element to uniquely identify this element
max_value int max value of progressbar
orientation str None 'horizontal' or 'vertical'
pad (int, int or (int, int),(int,int) or int,(int,int)) or ((int, int),int) or int None Amount of padding to put around element in pixels (left/right, top/bottom) or ((left, right), (top, bottom)) or an int. If an int, then it's converted into a tuple (int, int)
relief str None relief style. Values are same as progress meter relief values. Can be a constant or a string: RELIEF_RAISED RELIEF_SUNKEN RELIEF_FLAT RELIEF_RIDGE RELIEF_GROOVE RELIEF_SOLID (Default value = DEFAULT_PROGRESS_BAR_RELIEF)
size (int, int) or (int, None) (None, None) Size of the bar. If horizontal (chars long, pixels wide), vert (chars high, pixels wide). Vert height measured using horizontal chars units.
size_px (int, int) or (None, None) (None, None) Size in pixels (length, width). Will be used in place of size parm if specified
style str None Progress bar style defined as one of these 'default', 'winnative', 'clam', 'alt', 'classic', 'vista', 'xpnative'
visible bool True set visibility state of the element

Class Properties

This class has no public properties

Class Methods

 def update
 def update_bar


Changes some of the settings for the ProgressBar Element. Must call Window.Read or Window.Finalize prior

Changes will not be visible in your window until you call window.read or window.refresh.

If you change visibility, your element may MOVE.

    visible = None

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
visible bool None control visibility of element


Change what the bar shows by changing the current count and optionally the max count

    max = None

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
current_count int sets the current value
max int None changes the max value