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Desktop Floating Widget - CPU Utilization

Like the Timer widget above, this script can be kept running. You will need the package psutil installed in order to run this Recipe.

The spinner changes the number of seconds between reads. Note that you will get an error message printed when exiting because the window does not have have a titlebar. It's a known problem.

cpu widget 2

import PySimpleGUI as sg
import psutil

# ----------------  Create Window  ----------------
layout = [[sg.Text('')],
          [sg.Text('', size=(8, 2), font=('Helvetica', 20), justification='center', key='text')],
          [sg.Exit(button_color=('white', 'firebrick4'), pad=((15, 0), 0)),
           sg.Spin([x + 1 for x in range(10)], 1, key='spin')]]

window = sg.Window('Running Timer', layout, no_titlebar=True, auto_size_buttons=False, keep_on_top=True,

# ----------------  main loop  ----------------
while (True):
    # --------- Read and update window --------
    event, values = window.read(timeout=0)

    # --------- Do Button Operations --------
    if event == sg.WIN_CLOSED or event == 'Exit':
        interval = int(values['spin'])
        interval = 1

    cpu_percent = psutil.cpu_percent(interval=interval)

    # --------- Display timer in window --------

    window['text'].update(f'CPU {cpu_percent:02.0f}%')

# Broke out of main loop. Close the window.