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Tabs bring not only an extra level of sophistication to your window layout, they give you extra room to add more elements. Tabs are one of the 3 container Elements, Elements that hold or contain other Elements. The other two are the Column and Frame Elements.


import PySimpleGUI as sg    

tab1_layout =  [[sg.T('This is inside tab 1')]]    

tab2_layout = [[sg.T('This is inside tab 2')],    

layout = [[sg.TabGroup([[sg.Tab('Tab 1', tab1_layout, tooltip='tip'), sg.Tab('Tab 2', tab2_layout)]], tooltip='TIP2')],    

window = sg.Window('My window with tabs', layout, default_element_size=(12,1))    

while True:    
    event, values = window.read()    
    if event == sg.WIN_CLOSED:           # always,  always give a way out!