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Minesweeper-style Grid of Buttons

There are a number of applications built using a GUI that involve a grid of buttons. The games Minesweeper and Battleship can both be thought of as a grid of buttons.


Here is the code for the above window

import PySimpleGUIWeb as sg
from random import randint

board = [[randint(0,1) for j in range(MAX_COL)] for i in range(MAX_ROWS)]

layout =  [[sg.Button('?', size=(4, 2), key=(i,j), pad=(0,0)) for j in range(MAX_COL)] for i in range(MAX_ROWS)]

window = sg.Window('Minesweeper', layout)

while True:
    event, values = window.read()
    if event in (sg.WIN_CLOSED, 'Exit'):
    # window[(row, col)].update('New text')   # To change a button's text, use this pattern
    # For this example, change the text of the button to the board's value and turn color black
    window[event].update(board[event[0]][event[1]], button_color=('white','black'))

The most important thing for you to learn from this recipe is that keys and events can be any type, not just strings.

Thinking about this grid of buttons, doesn't it make the most sense for you to get row, column information when a button is pressed. Well, that's exactly what setting your keys for these buttons to be tuples does for you. It gives you the abilty to read events and finding the button row and column, and it makes updating text or color of buttons using a row, column designation.

This program also runs on PySimpleGUIWeb really well. Change the import to PySimpleGUIWeb and you'll see this in your web browser (assuming you've installed PySimpleGUIWeb)