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Press Kit

About PySimpleSoft

PySimpleGUI is a product of PySimpleSoft, Inc., whose mission is to make the best Python application develement environment much, much better. Our main product is PySimpleGUI 5. (Stay tuned for future announcements.)

About PySimpleGUI 5

PySimpleGUI is the top-rated Python GUI development environment, actively used by millions of developers world-wide.

PySimpleGUI 5 is licensed software that requires all users to register at PySimpleGUI.com, to receive a developer key. Commercial users must pay a license fee when they register, while Hobbyist users register for PySimpleGUI 5 at no cost.


The names PySimpleSoft and PySimpleGUI are protected marks, and may be used only to refer to products offered directly by PySimpleSoft.


If you are PySimpleSoft customer, consider the following language to accurately describe your product’s use of the PySimpleGUI library. This language can be displayed in product GUI, promotional materials, press materials, and app descriptions.

Use terminology that make it clear your product incorporates PySimpleGUI 5. (“User interface powered by PySimpleGUI 5” is preferred).

Your product name should appear first, followed by PySimpleGUI and other Python libraries.

Powered by PySimpleGUI 5 badge

Our “Powered by PySimpleGUI 5” badge indicates that a project uses PySimpleGUI 5 for the GUI component.

Powered by PySimpleGUI 5 PNG (PNG)

Powered by PySimpleGUI SVG (SVG)

Additional Resources

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