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One Line Progress Meter

Add a progress meter to your application by adding 1 line of code.


    key = "OK for 1 meter",
    args = *<1 or N objects>,
    orientation = None,
    bar_color = (None, None),
    button_color = None,
    size = (25, 20),
    border_width = None,
    grab_anywhere = False

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
*args Any stuff to output
bar_color (str, str) or str (None, None) The 2 colors that make up a progress bar. Either a tuple of 2 strings or a string. Tuple - (bar, background). A string with 1 color changes the background of the bar only. A string with 2 colors separated by "on" like "red on blue" specifies a red bar on a blue background.
border_width int None width of border around element
button_color (str, str) or str None button color (foreground, background)
current_value int current value
grab_anywhere bool False If True: can grab anywhere to move the window (Default = False)
key str or int or tuple or object OK for 1 meter Used to differentiate between mutliple meters. Used to cancel meter early. Now optional as there is a default value for single meters
max_value int max value of QuickMeter
orientation str None 'horizontal' or 'vertical' ('h' or 'v' work) (Default value = 'vertical' / 'v')
size (int, int) (25, 20) (w,h) w=characters-wide, h=rows-high (Default value = DEFAULT_PROGRESS_BAR_SIZE)
title str text to display in eleemnt
RETURN bool True if updated successfully. False if user closed the meter with the X or Cancel button


Cancels and closes a previously created One Line Progress Meter window

    key = "OK for 1 meter"

Parameter Descriptions

Name Type Default Description
key Any OK for 1 meter Key used when meter was created
RETURN None None