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License Keys - New in PySimpleGUI 5

License keys are required to use PySimpleGUI 5. The first time you install or upgrade to PySimpleGUI 5 you are given a 30 day Trial Period during which you can run PySimpleGUI without a license key. At the end of the trial period PySimpleGUI will no longer run without a license key.

Your First Run of PySimpleGUI

The first time you run PySimpleGUI you will see a series of windows beginning with this Welcome Window:


All you need to do is check the box and click OK in order to continue. The License Agreement link in the window will open a web page with the license agreement should you wish to read it first.

Enter License or Start Trial

The final step is to enter your license key or start your free trial. The trial period begins from your first run of PySimpleGUI 5.


Trial Period

While in the Trial Period, your windows have a watermark on the bottom that shows how long you have left in your trial period. Registering a valid license key will remove this watermark.


Obtaining Your License Key

You can obtain your license key from the PySimpleGUI.com website. Clicking the trial period watermark at the bottom of your windows will open your browser to the page to register. "Sign Up" buttons are also shown in the Home Window.


It is important that you keep all of your keys secure and DO NOT share them nor post them online.

License Key Types

There are 2 types of License Keys.

  1. Developer Keys - Every developer needs one
  2. Distribution Keys - Used by commercial users to ship products

Developer Keys

Each individual developer needs a Developer Key. This key can be entered in 2 locations. One you've seen already in the installation windows.

The second location is in the Home Window License Key tab. The Home Window can be reached numerous ways (e.g. by typing psghome, psghmain, calling sg.main()). Use the search box at the top of the page should you have trouble reaching this window.


Paste your key into the input box and click "Install" to install your key.

Developer keys will operate with all versions of PySimpleGUI and are usually obtained annually. A Developer Key will work with all versions of PySimpleGUI and have an expiration date.

Distribution Keys

If you are a Commercial User, then you can ship your PySimpleGUI applications to your customers using a Distribution Key.

Distribution keys, unlike developer keys, do not expire. Also unlike developer keys, distribution keys are tied to specific versions of PySimpleGUI. For example, a key will work with all versions of 5.1.x, meaning 5.1.0, 5.1.2, etc, will all work with this key. The same key will not work with 5.2.0.

If you upgrade your PySimpleGUI version and want to ship a new version to your customers, then you will need to get a new Distribution Key to match.

While Developer Keys are input into PySimpleGUI administration windows, Distribution Keys are specified in your code, at runtime.

To specify your key, assign the key as a string to a variable named PySimpleGUI_License BEFORE you import PySimpleGUI.

PySimpleGUI_License = 'owggSIrkq5rhPbeWKVHMmYJX6NM0VIZjGovgOIninI7suIcCNJUDPb72S1lwwYyWV5F57IGjNoLgDIVl6BJ57UX2glbtsckG5xClaUx2M9JmGdnCPIDs0ImCOJ5DqdwX9NO09b32610lxctkflJ'

import PySimpleGUI as sg

If the key is accepted as a valid key, the import will complete. If it's not a valid key, you'll be informed of the details of what went wrong.