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The 2 Groups of APIs

There are many functions & objects within PySimpleGUI. They can be divided into two groups.

  1. Windowing Focused APIs
  2. Supporting APIs

Windowing APIs

These classes and function calls are used to put something visually on the screen.

The windowing APIs can be further divided into two categories

  1. "Popup" Windows - super-easy, single-line function calls that display a window
  2. Custom Windows - objects and functions to help you make windows you have complete control over
  3. System Tray - access to the system tray so your program can run in the background and still be accessable

Supporting APIs

These objects and functions help you with your entire application. Operations that are common to GUI applications have been simplified to make them accessible to a larger audience.

These include:

  • User Settings SDK - JSON and Config (INI) file reading/writing
  • Exec SDK - Execution SDK for multi-threading and subprocessing, thread communications
  • Clipboard SDK - accessing the clipboard in a simple way with no additional packages
  • Timer Services - schedule single or recurring timer events in a single call
  • Other - some calls to make common tasks simple to the point of trivial