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Titlebar call reference

The Titlebar element is used to create a custom titlebar that matches the window's theme colors. A potentially confusing side effect of using this element is that there will be no entry on the taskbar unless the window is minimized.

The titlebar is normally supplied by the operating system and as a result, they are difficult or impossible to customize. Changing the colors and font are not possible using the OS-supplied titlebar, but the Titlebar element will allow you to change all of those.

If you use a Titlebar element in your layout, then you will need to use the MenubarCustom element if you want a menubar.

layout = [[sg.Titlebar("My custom Titlebar!")],
          [sg.Button("My first button!")]]


The Titlebar element will return these keys when you click on the minimize, maximize and close buttons in the titlebar. - TITLEBAR_MINIMIZE_KEY - TITLEBAR_MAXIMIZE_KEY - TITLEBAR_CLOSE_KEY - Use WINDOW_CLOSED in your code instead.

Values Dictionary

There is no entry in the values dictionary


The implementation of this element is a pseudo-element. A Column element is returned from a function named Titlebar.