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Call Reference PySimpleGUIQt

Of the 4 ports, the PySimpleGUIQt port is the second most popular among users. It also has more of the tkinter port's features implemented and the other non-tkinter port.

PySide2 & PySide6 Supported

You will need to have PySide2 or PySide6 installed on your system for PySimpleGUIQt to work. If you have both installed, PySimpleGUIQt will use PySide6.

Note on versions:

  • PySimpleGUIQt supports Python >=3.6
  • PySide2 supports Python 3.5 to 3.10
  • PySide6 supports Python >= 3.8


PySimpleGUIQt is installed via pip.

To install you will run:

python -m pip install PySimpleGUIQt

If you use the command python3 on your computer to invoke Python, then you'll run python3 instead of python:

python3 -m pip install PySimpleGUIQt


To use PySimpleGUIQt, you will use this import statement:

import PySimpleGUIQt as sg

Unique Features

The PySimpleGUIQt package provides an additional element, the Dial element. It also has an implementation of a System Tray.

Licensing Implications (Important)

The PySide2 and PySide6 licenses are wholly separate from your PySimpleGUI license. These Qt products are installed from Qt's PyPI repository, not from any PySimpleGUI repository directly. PySimpleGUI does not directly distribute any Qt code nor products.

You are responsible for ensuring you understand and fulfill your licensing obligations with the Qt Corporation. Before releasing any software using PySimpleGUIQt publicly or using in a commercial application, you should fully understand your obligations with the PySide2 or PySide6 licenses.