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PySimpleGUI doesn't and can't provide every single setting available in the underlying GUI framework. Not all tkinter options are available for a Text Element. Same with PySimpleGUIQt and the other ports.

There are a few of reasons for this.

  1. Time & resource limits - The size of the PySimpleGUI development team is extremely small
  2. PySimpleGUI provides a "Unified API". This means the code is, in theory, portable across all of the PySimpleGUI ports without chaning the user's code (except for the import)
  3. PySimpleGUI is meant, by design, to be simple and cover 80% of the GUI problems.

However, PySimpleGUI programs are not dead ends!! Writing PySimpleGUI code and then getting to a point where you really really feel like you need to extend the Listbox to include the ability to change the "Selected" color. Maybe that's super-critical to your project. And maybe you find out late that the base PySimpleGUI code doesn't expose that tkinter capability. Fear not! The road does continue!!